The new career path for the new professional

Studies show that although the material success of US workers has grown significantly over time, the level of satisfaction with work has slowly declined.

The new professional is asking for a way out of the rat race. The secret to Mastering the Art of The Career is to look ahead and be visionary with the time in front of you, as you get older and more experienced at life. Measure your life deliberately and learn from it constantly. Put your energy into anticipating life rather than fixating or being limited by your past – your past is a launching pad, not a fence or prison. Your future begins with what you do today to make tomorrow happen. Dream, be courageous with your life, and evolve consciously through refining your potential.

It is helpful to think of your life as a story, with many chapters. Each chapter itself has a beginning, a time for rapid growth, and leveling off time, decline and a rebirth. That is the basic model for understanding your life in today’s world. The plateau mark is the most important of the four in terms of career growth. This is the time frame where people reflect by pushing the pause button long enough to appreciate the past and think creatively about the future based on what is happening now. It is a time of change, risk and a renewed commitment to what you can create in the future. Birth, growth, plateau, decline are the four natural phases of any living systems. And given that all careers are living, they too have four seasons in their progression.

Career Stages

Source Dr. Frederick Hudson

In the fast-changing digital economy to succeed you need skills to:

  • Design the chapters of your life,
  • Embrace necessary career transitions, see plateaus as times of intense learning,
  • Entrepreneur and manage each change and transition of your life, creativity is king
  • Make self-renewal not progress the central feature of your lifestyle and workstyle,
  • Keep future oriented drawing upon your emergent vision and energy. Refresh and relaunch

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