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Your DNA makes you one of a kind. There is no one like you in all the world. You are truly unique.

Your uniquess translates into a spark of curiosity and a deep desire to do certain things. You develop interests, make choices and are pulled in a direction of your choosing.

Your interests enable you to learn more, and learn easily. Your curiousity challenges you to grow and increase your knowledge. What you are learning gives you great satisfaction. You’re connected to your work and helping others who will benefit from your expertise. The skills come easy to you, your talent is obvious and you develop abilities that are unique to your way.

Your abilities are honed with hard work, practice, and feedback and slowly over time your deep desires translate into highly developed skills. With experience, your skills morph into a deeper understanding and you develop mastery over your craft.

Each person has a unique way of being. You were born this way. Your DNA has made you an individual and there is no one like you in all the world. You are truly one of a kind with your own interests and abilities that show up very early in life and are indicators for future development.

What you did for fun early in life can provide clues to what you will excel in later in life. What you were curious about becomes an area of interest where learning comes easy and your abilities stand out as strengths when compared to others.

Your budding abilities become what you are passionate about. Over time, and with the right education and mentorship, this uncommon talent develops into a life-long journey of discovery and growth. Your passion-fueled work matures into a career that defines you as a respected professional among your colleagues. Your natural talent shows up in your skills and is reinforced by your ability to learn new things quickly. Difficult tasks come to you easily. This then is a career with a purpose. It aligns to a deep-seated and unique ability that continuously defines you.

You grow into being recognized as a master in your field. You understand how to break the rules to innovate and make productive changes. You coach others, naturally mentoring and teaching young people to learn the basics that helped you succeed. Over time your students develop their own expertise as you did, and with your support, take their own places in their professions as the innovators of the next generation.

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