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ABOUT David Dunnington

My name is David Dunnington and I am the co-founder and President of Our Best Work.  I started the company in 2007 after 20 years of working in two large tech companies. My one purpose is to help people realize their potential through work. To a large degree, this is exactly how my practice has unfolded over the years and is where I focus my attention.  I partner with people who want to use work as a spring-board to a deeper experience of life through their jobs.   Through the use of their unique strengths, clients are able to collaborate with other team members and bring uncommon value to projects that make a difference in the lives of others.  I use what I have learned as a senior manager in business along with my counseling and coaching skills to guide people through their own defined career-change process helping them discover their best options and articulate what they are willing to do to implement them.  We build plans to achieve new career goals, learn skills to create lasting relationships, and use self-awareness to guide future actions.  A career where it all comes together and people enjoy working with one another is really an amazing reality to create.  And it can be done.   The best part of this equation is that in this environment, people (employees) who have a job fit like this are very engaged, they do great work and want to stay doing it.  I have many HR professionals contact me with questions about how to implement a similar process for their employees.


David has a Master’s degree in Speech Communication and Organizational Development from the University of Washington, was a senior marketing manager for Microsoft where he led international marketing initiatives, launched Microsoft’s Office certification program, and grew Microsoft’s Certified Professional program (MCP) into a strategic learning resource.  His learning systems were used by 1.5 million members worldwide. Under David’s leadership, the MCP community became a major strategic resource helping Microsoft grow its worldwide desktop business.

David also served on the Boeing leadership council where he designed leadership and systems thinking courses that help transition Boeing’s leadership to a team and process culture.  David’s work has been featured in industry publications and presented at conferences.  He has been heavily influenced by the thought leaders of Jim Collins, Russell Ackhoff, Peter Senge, Margaret Wheatley, and David Whyte who were all instrumental in the success of the Boeing leadership programs.

After leaving Microsoft, David led major outplacement projects in the banking, retail and information technology industries and over the last ten years provided workshops and one-on-one career coaching to 1,000’s of people across a broad range of executive clients, mid-career changers and people just getting started.


David pursued his own “transformative” inner work with trips abroad to Southeast Asia, Australia, India, hiking trips into the Himalayas, studies with John P. Milton (Sacred Passage) and week-long personal “solo” journeys into nature for rejuvenation and solitude. David started meditation practice while in high school traveled abroad to study with the masters and for 35 years has realized the benefits of daily meditation and the feeling of active presence that meditation has brought to his life.  David is passionate about living a fulfilling and rewarding life and committed to the journey of self-discovery and the important role that work has in creating this reality for himself and others.

David is a state tennis champion, loves to exercise, rode a Raleigh ten-speed bike 3,000 miles from Seattle to New York City and enjoys riding his road bike today.  David volunteers for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is on the board of directors for the Father Ray Foundation and lives with his wife Janet and two sons in Seattle Washington.

ABOUT Terry Musch

Terry Musch is the co-founder of Our Best Work. He has a background in leading engineering teams on large scale aerospace programs and coaching senior leadership and their direct reports in the Nuclear Power Industry. Terry has a degree from the University of Washington and is a certified coach from the renowned Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. As a master coach, Terry helps people engage with their work by finding meaning in their careers where they achieve important goals and succeed in difficult, schedule-driven environments.
Terry’ coaching is a mix of connecting internal self-awareness required for personal growth and the external needs of business required to meet the business needs of its customers. Terry’s clients learn, from the inside out, how to apply their strengths to achieve career-enhancing results. As a prominent consultant to industry and executive career coach, Terry brings 30 years of research and experience to each engagement. His clients meet the job market with a significant advantage because they can explain clearly what they want, what they can do and where they are headed which for recruiters are the three most important questions to answer.


Terry is Our Best Work’s master coach. He is uniquely qualified to help individuals advance, grow, and reach their potential through work.  Terry’s experience includes working with an elite group of coaches at the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant in California where he learned quickly that performance was the metric used for successful coaching. With this backdrop, Terry was able to help his executive clients perform to their highest level and, in a no mistake environment, help them bring their best skills, attitudes and abilities to the job.  These attributes were consistently the three pillars for success that supported his most talented executives and contributed to Terry’s success as PG&E’s lead coach.


Terry’s journey began with his deep desire to understand how to intentionally engage one’s unique strengths and choose assignments where these natural talents and skills can be applied. As a leader of large engineering teams, Terry experienced first-hand the level of frustration in his staff over finding fulfillment at work. He saw that his highest performers were also able to sculp their work so they could use their strongest skills and innate abilities on the job and with this become the highest performers. This began decades of research about how to help people consciously create, with intention and purpose, mindful careers. Terry coaches clients to experience the transformative nature of strengths-based careers. He helps them reclaim their authentic essence and to translate it into new direction, plans, actions and outcomes.
Outside of work, Terry has had a lifelong love of motorsports with a deep passion for Formula 1 and Indy Car racing where precision, timing and skill must come together on the track. Terry says this unique mix of art, engineering and physics is truly magical.

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