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Words that inspire

Words that inspire us to work harder each day

  • Career development is an inside out job
  • Hire based on values. Train skill
  • Get out of your own head learn to take someone else’s perspective
  • Courage is the first attribute for a good hire
  • Shift from accessing information to curating it and from solving existing problems to identifying hidden ones
  • Networking is about reducing your message to its essence in a way that engages another person and begins a conversation
  • Between integrity and genius, choose integrity
  • Relationships are primary; everything else is derivative
  • You can only rise as high as the health of your relationships will allow
  • Real change is anything that is unexpected that happens to you.
  • There is no such thing as change management only adaptability to change can be managed
  • Turn your job search encounters from transactions to transcendence by making them purposeful and personal
  • The only way to find the unusual job is to be curious
  • The only way to lead people is around purpose
  • There are no leaders, there is only exercising leadership
  • Manage for strengths and potential, they bear more fruit than deficiencies
  • Being aware is more important than being smart
  • To be a better leader, develop more heart
  • Under pressure, how you do anything is likely how you will do everything
  • When in doubt, tell more truth
  • Think systems: Work to get the whole system into the room
  • Adaptability is essential for leading
  • Follow a designed practice of development
  • Know the difference between wicked problems and technical problems
  • Listening is not a soft skill, it’s damn hard work
  • Observe, observe, observe; then interpret and only then intervene
  • People improve through feedback, not through rules
  • Nothing communicates faster than “being talked down to”
  • Grace is not being perfect. Grace is the speed of the response after the breakdown
  • Any behavior that is allowed to exist is, by definition, acceptable
  • Self disclosure without awareness is useless
  • Just because you are not sick does not mean you are healthy
  • Leadership is learned
  • People don’t get in trouble for telling the truth, they get in trouble for not telling enough truth
  • You can’t build teams in a lawless culture. Have a few rules and stick to them
  • Cultivate feedback closer to the event
  • Leaders grow more leaders
  • Teams = shared work and individual accountabilities
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