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It is possible to start career search by updating your resume with buzz words like leader, good communicator, attention to details, and using industry standard key words and clichés. But be careful with this, what happens when there is no self-reflection about who you are, what you want, and why you want it, is that before you know it you are marketing yourself a “generic” candidate and you give hiring managers, HR managers and recruiting agencies no choice but to treat you as such. Don’t do that. Call me so I can ask you some questions and help you get started in the right direction.

A little time in up-front planning before you jump in and meet people is the best way to save time in the long run, plus it will orient your job search in the right direction.

It’s very important to tip the RIGHT job domino over when you start your job search and to move it in the right direction because with this movement comes a cascade of other connection, and opportunities.  And before you know it, your career has taken a new shape.  But is it going now in the right direction? Are other people, recruiters, hiring manager potential colleagues viewing you as the professional you want to be or as the resume that was filled with inauthentic buzz words that was sent to the recruiter based on an algorithm.


Successful career planning is not luck its work. Together we can design an exciting plan forward and uncover job openings that you may not even have considered possible. It is not unusual to receive an e-mail from a client who writes, “I love my job. I cannot believe I get paid to do this.”

Here are a just a few comments from past clients.

“I love my job.  I cannot believe I get paid to do this.” Barbara, graphics designer turned architect New York

First – our call today was so fantastic and thank you so much for walking me through a perspective I hadn’t considered!  BriAnn, Marketing Manager, Manufacturing. Utah

“This job that David helped me land is amazing. I never thought this would be possible.” Paul, Navy pilot turned private business jet pilot, San Clemente Ca.

“David truly helped me move into a position that I thought was out of reach at least for several years. However, today I am doing exactly what I visualized my self doing three months ago when I started my career search.” Adam, PhD post doc, turned Data Scientist, Seattle Wa.

“I was stuck as to what to do with my job search plans. After 20 years of working, I did not know how to start again. David zeroed in on exactly what I needed and helped me update my job search materials and taught me how to talk about my skills with recruiters and hiring managers. Within several months I was getting calls and interviews and a now new fulltime job!”  Brian, uber driver turned executive sales manager Phoenix Az.

Follow the steps in the 90-Day Career Diet
Step 1: Learn About Yourself
Step 2: Have a Plan, and Set Your Targets
Step 3: Nurture Your Network
Step 4: Refresh Your Resume Cover Letter and LinkedIn page
Step 5: Prep for Interviews and practice answering difficult questions
Step 6: Learn the Company Culture, and Core Values

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