Getting Started Custom Job Search

I am new to the job market, or have been out of it for several years, and need to know the basics of job search.  Where do I start and what should I do?


I have a job but have never felt like I was doing my best work.  I need help making the most out of what I have, and if necessary to find a different job.

Job and Career Change: A task with a purpose

I have great work experience AND it is time for a change.  I need help in every step of career change and job search.

Work Beyond Work Your Legacy

I have a few more years to work and want every day to be on purpose.  I need help making the decisions that will help me create this reality.

“You helped me nail down what I want to do.”

“David’s guidance has been instrumental to me in developing the confidence to view me as a person capable of adding value to a team, a company, and an organization.”

“Throughout each phase along my career path, David helped me pursue my objectives in a well thought-out and deliberate manner."

“David provided excellent support and guidance in an extremely uncertain work environment. He challenged me to think as if the start-up was my own business, increasing my productivity and morale.”

“You reduced complexity and offered meaningful, actionable, insights.”

“This is what I thought about, but now I believe it.”