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Career Analytics

We collect data from a range of past and present experiences spanning many years.


Pattern Recognition

We look for patterns that suggest future direction and strategy. A career narrative describing interests, skills, motivation and values is created and forms the foundation for the search plan and personal marketing materials.


Search Plan

A future direction is imagined and articulated in great detail setting the stage for action. A practical strategy is developed and the first step is made clear. A check list of action items guides future steps.


Marketing Package

Professional marketing materials are prepared with photo, professional resume, LinkedIn page, and customized cover letters. Content is key-word tested against job openings then adjusted, and posted.

“I had an interview scheduled for a supervisor position. They were so impressed with my resume and LinkedIn that they are bypassing the phone interview and going straight to in-person. Thank you David, your help really made a big difference!” Shannon


Capabilities and Tactics

Each step of the job search plan is supported by an array of tools and tactics such as:

  • Career canvas
  • Personal branding
  • Job-search playbook
  • Search organizer
  • Interviewing skills
  • Tips for salary negotiations
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Standing out from the others



Effective communication and networking forms the backbone for executing a successful job-search. With the tools in your kit you will have everything you need to get to the hiring interview.


Converting value into salary

Preparation, and a 12 step salary negotiation playbook, ensures that nothing is missed in the final interview and when negotiating your offer.  An effective salary negotiation can increase your salary by 5% – 10% and sometimes more.  This module teaches you how to translate your value into greater pay and benefits to get your bump up even before you start.

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